This Ultra-Futuristic Custom BMW Is Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Flick


The BMW R nineT has won over the hearts of devoted bikers as a classically styled blank canvas that lends itself to customization. Renowned builder and metalworker Bernhard “Tin Man” Naumann took that notion to its truly absurd limit in creating this far-out “Giggerl.” 

Even its name—which means “chicken” in southern German—has strange origins. 

“Friends mentioned that [the] bodyshell on the front was slightly reminiscent of a chicken’s head,” Naumann explained. I then asked what the Bavarians had to say about this.

“It seems I have built a chicken with underarms and headlamps,” he added.

BMW Motorrad

As BMW Motorrad notes, the crazy concept motorcycle appears to be only tangentially related to its base model.

Apart from the handlebars, handbrakes and upside-down fork, everything was crafted by the Tin Man. The frame, tank, and exhaust and are all one-of-a-kind and the blacked-out wheels have been modified for sleeker styling.

A leather-stitched saddle and combination of black, grey and blue paints finish the job. 

Take a closer look at the Giggerl in the gallery above. 

BMW Motorrad

h/t: Highsnobiety