The BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car Is a Chaperone With a Bone to Pick

Nothing this mean can promote much “safety.”

While our allegiances will always be to racing-machines of the four-wheeled variety, right now, MotoGP is producing some of the most compelling footage on television. Still, our favorite part of the series’ March 29th debut will definitely be BMW’s M4 Safety Car in jet black.

Look at it. The base-spec M4 is already the meanest in the company’s history, with a two narrow, slitted headlights peaking out over outrageous air-intakes that put those on a nineties Lamborghini Diablo to shame. The safety car takes that baseline personality and adds a pint of sinister: black wheels, carbon fiber rear spoiler, titanium exhaust and a blacked-out grill. Yes, this car is meant to lead racers at a safe speed around the track after an accident, but it looks an awful lot like the culprit that started the commotion in the first place.