BMW Motorrad Unveils First M-Division Superbike, the M1000RR

Speed Demon.
BMW M 1000 RR (3)

BMW previously made the already-bonkers S1000RR superbike more approachable for amateur track day enthusiasts with a safety net of electronic systems. But for those who want a roadgoing moto that can be pushed to the very edge around a circuit, the German marque's Motorrad brand is now offering an M-Class version of its flagship sport bike designed purely for speed, the M1000RR.

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The same water-cooled, 1000cc four-cylinder redlines now at 15,1000 rpm and produces 212 horsepower (up from 205 hp in the S1000RR), increasing an already ridiculous power-to-weight ratio. 

A host of upgraded engine components like two-ring forged pistons from Mahle, adapted combustion chambers, slimmer and lighter rocker arms, fully machined intake ports, and a lightweight titanium exhaust system promise to offer more power and torque through 6,000 RPM to the top. 

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Downforce-producing, carbon-coated M winglets and a high windscreen work in tandem with a wheelie-mitigating front wheel load to keep the rubber pressed into the pavement, while M brakes derived from the optimally modified Superbike World Championship models provide maximum fading stability and control. The dynamic traction control system is also dialed back to allow for faster lap times. 

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A light white solid paint/M Sport scheme in light blue, dark blue and red, a granite grey and black fuel cap help aesthetically distinguish the MRR from the SRR's classic white/red/blue livery. 

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If this standard trim isn't high-end enough there's also an M competition package with M-spec milled parts package, an M carbon package in silver, a lighter swingarm a performance chain. 

Prices haven't been announced, but Top Gear predicts a tag that's just under $40,000.

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