BMW Dares You To Watch Gigi Hadid

We can play this game all day.

If BMW’s cool blue M2 sport coupe isn’t alluring enough to hold your attention, the company has a plan: use a hot model in red to keep your eyes focused on their hardware. Their new video challenges viewers to follow Gigi Hadid as her car plays an automotive shell game with four identical models.

Hadid’s red dress is lovely, even if it isn’t as skimpy as this microscopic bikini… or this  sheer jumpsuit… or this nothing at all

Hadid presumably brought the same professionalism to the BMW shoot that she did to the Versace show during Milan Fashion Week, where she ignored her failing wardrobe to complete her runway walk unperturbed.

The M2 is BMW’s latest hot performance coupe, a smaller, lighter machine meant to evoke memories of the cars that formed the company’s reputation for building the Ultimate Driving Machine. We’ll let you know how well they succeeded as soon as we drive one.

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