Lock And Load With This Jacked-Up Jeep Wrangler From Body Armor 4x4

It's a truly formidable off-road weapon.
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Riverside, California's Body Armor 4x4 specializes in upgrading the off-roaders that ply the nearby desert, and the Jeep Wrangler is a natural recipient of its bolt-on hardware.

This ready-to-rock Wrangler features Body Armor's front and rear bumpers, with winch mounts, steel-framed mesh trail doors, cargo rack system and protective rock crawler bars to guard the underside and suspension.

This equipment lets you enjoy the experience we enjoyed so much of driving a Wrangler stripped of its doors and roof, while preserving some practicality.

The cargo rack provides a mounting point for the Thule bike rack and for the array of lights that help illuminate the trail at night.

With accessories like these, there is no excuse for you not to get your Jeep out into the boondocks more often.

h/t: HiConsumption

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