Meet The Ridiculously Tough Dune Buggy That's Built For Bomb Squads

Because not all dune buggies are created equal.
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Photo: Torque Defense Systems

Photo: Torque Defense Systems

Defusing bombs is hard enough work without arriving on the scene sweaty and out of breath from a long hike while wearing a bomb-proof suit. 

So Torq Defense Systems, of Birmingham, Alabama, has created an electric Explosive Ordinance Disposal buggy to give bomb technicians a lift to the job.

The EOD Rapid Response, Light Tactical Vehicle (don't these government-issued names just roll lyrically off the tongue?) is an 18-horsepower, 30-mph, one-person off road vehicle with controls designed for operation by a driver wearing a cumbersome bomb protection suit.

Most importantly, it can be used to tow large items to the scene, like the vehicle bomb countermeasure system, which is basically a trailer carrying drums of explosives.

"Our goal was to develop a highly capable tactical vehicle that can alleviate EOD technician fatigue and may also serve to reduce a first responders time-on-target," said Rick D'Andrea, Torq's director of sales and marketing.

The bad news is, they're really just built for bomb squads. So if you somehow manage get your hands on one of these badass buggies, your automotive game is definitely the bomb. See what we did there?

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