We’re Drunk Off the Beauty of this Wine-Colored Custom Koenigsegg


Koenigsegg’s cars are the stuff of dreams, not least for the company’s own employees. So while they can’t necessarily afford to buy a Regera either, they can express their desires by showing us how their dream car would be finished.

Koenigsegg sales director for Europe, Johan Bjurmar, opted for a sexy translucent tint that lets the Regera‘s carbon fiber fabric weave show through. He chose a Bordeaux wine red with a clear carbon fiber center section for a two-tone effect.

The company first showed off the tinting concept with a purple-tinted Prince tribute car. Bjurmar has French roots, which perhaps inspired his color selection, the company reports.

Continuing the beverage theme, inside he opted for a creamy cappuccino/coffee two-tone combination.

Koenigsegg says it won’t keep this fantasy fun for its self, promising an online configurator for the Regera in the “not too distant future.” Sign us up!