This Custom Off-Road Camper From Australia Can Go Any Damn Place You Want to Take It

Leave it to the Aussies.
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Bruder EXP6

It seems like extreme off-road camping trailers are something of a family affair. For those of us who aren't fortunate enough to have a dad who will spend a fortune building the KiraVan extreme camper for us, we can thank Australian brothers Dan and Toby Bosschieter for building the Bruder Expedition EXP-6 camper.

Bruder is German for "brother," which is your Darth Vader-like clue to the company's origin. These brothers' dad was a bush pilot who flew in Australia's Northern Territory, so they grew up traveling the wild outback as a family.

The Bosschieters got plenty of ideas from their travels about ways to improve on camping trailers and they've incorporated them into the EXP-6. It starts with a rugged frame design that is designed with no openings that could let moisture or dirt infiltrate and it has no low-hanging crossmembers subframes to get hung up on rocks.

Bruder EXP6 3

The round tube steel suspension components mount within the EXP-6's frame rails, where they are protected from catching on rough terrain. With 12 inches of wheel travel, the camper's suspension is designed to accommodate all kinds of obstacles thanks to its adjustable air springs.

Bruder EXP6 4

The EXP-6's body is lightweight carbon fiber, rather than the more typical plywood, fiberglass or aluminum, for the ultimate in weight savings and strength. It mounts to the frame using automotive-style rubber bushings to provide a cushy ride.

The whole package is designed to mirror typical tow vehicles, so the EXP-6's wheels follow in the tracks of the tow vehicle's, and the trailer's cabin doesn't hang out beyond the width of the truck pulling it so it doesn't crash through branches or other obstacles that missed the tow vehicle.

Naturally, it is loaded with interior amenities to take some of the "rough" out of "roughing it." That means a comfy bed, fridge, hot and cold running water and a TV to keep an eye on people pretending to live out adventures for "reality" shows while you are deep in the outback actually doing it.

Bruder EXP6 2

Prices start at just under the equivalent of $100,000, and Bruder will arrange for shipment to the U.S.

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