Bubba Watson Now Has an Insane Jetpack Golf Cart That Can Fly 3,000 Feet High

The two-time Masters champion is taking his clubs to new heights.

Bubba at the controls of the BW-Air (Photo: Thinkmodo)

Behold, the Jetpack Golf Cart (Photo: Martin Aircraft Company)
Behold, the Jetpack Golf Cart (Photo: Martin Aircraft Company)

Not satisfied with merely floating nine inches off the ground while cruising over golf courses’ land and water features in a golf cart hovercraft, top-rated pro and technology fanatic Bubba Watson has found an even funner, higher flying way to zip around the links: BW-Air, the world’s first jetpack golf cart.

As part of a three-year collaboration between Bubba, Oakley and New Zealand’s Martin Aircraft, this custom 210-horsepower jetpack—which of course carries both you and your clubs—offers a unique vantage point for each hole. (Why look at your watch or phone for a animated flyover, when you can just fly over yourself?)

It’s an innovative and memorable way to celebrate golf’s return to the Olympics after a 112-year hiatus. But don’t expect to see fleets of these flitting about in Rio.

Actually flying one would involve acquiring one (pricing starts at $200,000), being fully trained to use the aircraft (Bubba himself is currently third in line) and it receiving official FAA certification (don’t hold your breath). 

It’s a fun concept and who knows, maybe it’s how we’ll all hit (or better yet, zoom over) the links in the future.

In the meantime, we maintain that carving on a Golfboard is still the most fun land-based way to traverse the course.