Bugatti Bolide Transformed Into Crazy Off-Road Tank Concept

Supercar turned supertank.


With an ultra-lightweight carbon monocoque built around a 1,825-horsepower 8.0-liter W16 to achieve an insane power-to-weight ratio, the Bolide is already the most extreme vehicle in Bugatti’s automotive arsenal. Al Yasid of Yasid Design has dreamed up a concept that’s even crazier by taking the track-only hypercar on rugged terrain, where it was never supposed to go. 

The London-based automotive conceptualizer has rendered a couple different versions of his off-road ‘Gatti. The craziest runs on tank treads and swaps the Bolide’s racy blue paint coat for a metallic silver for duty on what appears to be a mineral mine.

“That was a fun one, since Nils Piirma Design sent me these tracks yesterday and I thought I’d quickly try it on something the least expected, and right now that’s the Bolide,” he captioned his work. “My other choice was a McLaren Speedtail.”

His second Bolide gets massive Goodyear off-road tires (including a spare mounted below the quad-exhaust) and a gray and orange color scheme that harks back to the Veyron Super Sport. Even with the hulking rubber, Yasid admits that his creation “doesn’t go off-road.”

“The Devil’s pre-runner,” one commenter noted. “Imagine seeing this in Dakar,” another wrote in reference to the infamously trying annual Dakar Rally endurance event. 

If you’re into Yasid’s over-the-top car creations, there’s are many more to enjoy via his Instagram page. Get a taster with his off-road Porsche 911, hot-rodded Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, Chevrolet Camaro 3LT, GMC Hummer EV and others below: