Bugatti's New $3.9 Million Hypercar Broke a World Record For Hitting 300 MPH, And Now It's For Sale

The truly outrageous Chiron Super Sport 300+ will be limited to just 30 units.
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Bugatti Chiron  (2)

Days after the Bugatti Chiron became the first production vehicle to break the vaunted 300-mph barrier, the French automaker announced a production version of the record-smashing model dubbed the Chiron Super Sport 300+. 

Driver Andy Wallace, who previously set the world speed record back in 1998 with a McLaren F1, piloted a prototype derived from the W16-powered hypercar on Germany's Ehra-Lessien test track—watch his fearless run above.

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German technical organization TUV certified that Wallace pushed the slightly modified Chiron, which is electronically limited to 261 mph straight from the factory, to an almost unimaginable speed of 304.773 mph.

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“It’s inconceivable that a car would be capable of this," Wallace said in a Bugatti press release. "But the Chiron was well prepared and I felt very safe – even in these high-speed ranges," 

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He worked his way up to the mind-boggling threshold 30 mph at a time, ensuring that the Chiron's lift and downforce were optimally balanced at each increment. At max speed, he covered nearly 450 feet in one second.  

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“I went at full throttle from the start for approximately 70 seconds. It was important for me to be out of the bend at [about 125 mph] in order to reach top speed on the straight. That required the very highest level of concentration.”

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"[It's] An incredible achievement that shows what the men and women of Bugatti are capable of," added Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann. "Bugatti was the first to exceed 300-mile-per-hour mark. Its name will go down in the history books and it will stay that way forever."

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As for the Chiron Super Sport 300+, only 30 examples will be sold for a whopping $3.87 million a piece, Business Insider reports. However, top speed is electronically limited to 273.4 mph, so anyone hoping to cop one and match Wallace's speed run on the Autobahn is out of luck. 

With this incredible benchmark set, it's only a matter of time before another performance automaker produces the next member of the new 300-mph club. 

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