This Bugatti Chiron 'Terracross 4x4' Is a Trail-Conquering Hypercar Concept

This 'Gatti can go anywhere.
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Bugatti Chiron 4x4 Rafal Czaniecki  (10)

It's difficult for most to imagine Bugatti making anything like an off-roader, but a few inspired automotive artists have imagined the French marque's hypercars with everything from skid plates to tank treads.

Bugatti Chiron 4x4 Rafal Czaniecki  (11)

Another trail-dominating 'Gatti has cropped up from Shenzhen, China-based industrial designer Rafal Czaniecki. Though this appears to be the first car-related project uploaded to his SVPER.CO Behance page, he's nailed all of the fantastical elements required to make a non-existent piece of car porn go viral. 

Bugatti Chiron 4x4 Rafal Czaniecki  (9)

Czaniecki's Bugatti Chiron "Terracross 4x4" appears to be named for the knobby "Terracross" tires wrapped around custom, honeycomb rims. The wheels' fractal pattern also appears on the generously-proportioned mudflaps, which are mounted to a wheel wells cut to create several more several inches of clearance. 

Bugatti Chiron 4x4 Rafal Czaniecki  (7)

Cool Material notes other all-terrain-worthy mods, including a roof-mounted LED light bar and safari rack, bull bars, redesigned lighting elements, and spare wheel mounted atop the 1,500-hp, quad-turbo W16's engine cover. 

Bugatti Chiron 4x4 Rafal Czaniecki  (8)

Czaniecki showed off a clear flair for flash—he color-coordinated the bumper, "Bugatti" brake calipers, shocks and gas cap in the same eye-popping coat of yellow. He also rendered his work in a variety of cool settings, such as a rocky, rain-drenched mountain and a foggy desert landscape. 

Bugatti Chiron 4x4 Rafal Czaniecki  (6)

"This project is a result of experimenting and having fun with 3D modeling, branding and graphic design during long pandemic weekends and evenings," he wrote on Behance. 

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