Bugatti Unveils Ultra-Exclusive Divo Personalization Program

Each $5.4 million hypercar can be customized with family crests, custom paint jobs and grilles, fine leather and more.
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The Bugatti Divo will be just the third hypercar released since the French performance automaker was revived by Volkswagen in 1998. But the exclusive model will also mark a return to the pre-WWI brand's long coachbuilding tradition with sweeping new personalization options. 

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As the vehicles are limited to a 40-example run—each of which starts at just over $5.4 million a piece—customers are given the chance to truly make each vehicle one-of-a-kind. A Bugatti executive, designer and technician will first accompany each future Divo owner on a tour of the Molsheim headquarters to learn about the brand's history and receive a rundown of the car's technical details. 

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“Customers often have their own ideas, such as family crests, national flags, their own logos or special color schemes," Bugatti sales coordinator Anne Beynat said in a press release. 

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"Some customers choose the leather and color to match their handbag or their favorite pair of shoes. Most of them already own a Bugatti, so we know their preferences. Our Divo customers all already drive at least one Chiron."

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To complement the the body color, the centerline, roof, engine covers and the air intakes can also be painted in contrasting hues. An array of  leathers, including vintage leather, are offered with different thicknesses and perforation patterns.

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The grille, logos, rear wing shape and carbon fiber interior trim can also be made-to-order. For the right price, Bugatti will even apply bespoke details. 

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For example, certain Veyron orders included the first name of the buyer's partner embroidered on the door pocket or crystal accents in the cockpit. 

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Though the personalization program promises to create 40 unique vehicles, all will feature a 1,500-hp W16 engine, a 77-pound weight cut in comparison to the Chiron, a fine-tuned suspension and chassis, and precision aerodynamics. The custom supercar package is just the thing to take an already insanely exclusive Bugatti to dizzying new heights. 

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