This Bulletproof, Souped-Up Cadillac Escalade Is a James Bond-Worthy VIP Vehicle

This killer Caddy has a sound cannon, electric-shock door handles, pepper-spray dispensers and even a 007-style smokescreen.


The risk of an armed attack hopefully doesn’t factor into your daily commute, but two companies are making custom bulletproof Cadillac Escalades just in case. 


Wyoming-based AddArmor’s “Executive Escalade” adheres to Europe’s B6 ballistic armoring standard, which means it can protect its passengers from hand grenades, a 12-pound land mine or mid-to-large caliber, high-velocity rounds including .556, 7.62 and even 30-06 calibers. 

Unless your would-be assailant is packing an actual rocket launcher, this 007-worthy Caddy will give you serious piece of mind  Watch it take pistol and rifle fire below: 

Its protective upgrades include multiple carbon-composite panels that are 10 times stronger and 60 percent lighter than ballistic steel, proprietary two-inch ballistic glass and run-flat tires that are capable of traveling up to 30 miles after being penetrated by bullets. A beefier suspension and brakes help handle the added weight. 


The Executive Escalade also has a formidable counterattack system, which includes a sound cannon, electric-shock door handles, pepper-spray dispensers, strengthened bumpers, 360-degree cameras with night-vision capability, satellite connectivity and a Bond-worthy smokescreen. 

If you’re gonna shell out $350,000 for AddArmor’s ride, you’ll also get a luxurious interior. 


Car and Driver has further details: 

The interior features many of the mod cons typical of the production Escalade: A 32-inch high-definition smart TV with DirecTV, Apple TV, and HBO is integrated into the retractable divider to keep dignitaries entertained between assaults, and an audiophile-grade Sony surround-sound system with AM/FM radio, CD/DVD, and iPod/iPhone media compatibility teams with onboard Wi-Fi, because why not?

Should things get really hairy, hidden gun ports can be accessed behind the screen for the 360 camera and an iPad. Hidden lockboxes and a firearm safe keep dangerous weapons out of reach.

There’s more headroom than a standard Slade, too, as AddArmor adds four inches to the roof to maintain plenty of headroom for movement in the cabin.


INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing makes a second armored Escalade. 

The Canadian company’s “Chairman Package” also includes 360-degree, B6-rated ballistic armoring, a satellite system and security CCTV, upgraded brakes and suspension, as well as a Biometric gun safe and an equally iced-out interior. 


Detroit Free Press has further details: 

Its 130-inch wheelbase has a large passenger compartment to hold an executive office.

It has Italian leather seats, exotic wood paneling, a mini bar with a liquor dispenser, air purification system, SmartTV, 4G LTE hotspot, advanced entertainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrations and a 16-speaker setup.


INKAS’ Chairman Package-equipped Caddy will run you between $300,000 and $500,000, depending on options.

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