You Can’t Unsee The World’s Craziest-Looking Camaro

This bizarre custom monstrosity can be yours for a price…

If it has been your dream, since seeing Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, to play in a band called “Wyld Stallyns,” well then a Simi Valley, California customizer has been waiting with the perfect car. “DreamRyder” was a 1984 Camaro before the builder perpetrated this crime to it.

In his advertisement on Hemmings Motor News, a noted venue for the sale of blue-chip classics like this 1926 Hispano-Suiza HB6 Dual-Cowl Phaeton, the creator insists that DreamRyder is a work of art deserving of exhibit in a museum.  A museum that wants to pay $250,000, anyway.

Worse yet, the builder created a set of tooling and molds needed for this atrocity to multiply. While we think someone should kill it with fire, there is always the option to buy DreamRyder and hide it from public view. 

Or you could take it on tour with the Wyld Stallyns.