The Supercharged Callaway Camaro Is a 740-HP Hellcat Killer

It doesn’t play nice.


Photo: Callaway Cars

Tuners like Connecticut’s Callaway Cars make their living giving customers even more of a good thing, though car makers’ recent high-powered products must surely make that task harder than ever.

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Photo: Callaway Cars

Chevy Camaro ZL1s roll out of the factory with 640 supercharged horsepower, which is obviously insufficient for making a grocery run without the milk spoiling before you get home. So Reeves Callaway’s team has pumped up the car’s output by 100 horsepower, to create the Callaway Camaro SC740. 

Photo: Callaway Cars

They do it by bolting on 2300cc Eaton supercharger in place of the factory 1740cc unit. They also designed a new supercharger housing and integrated intake manifold to reduce intake air temperatures, for increased power.

Photo: Callaway Cars

Callaway is best-known for its speedy tuned Corvettes, but the company has diversified into building speedy Camaros, Tahoes and Suburbans too.

The special introductory price for Callaway’s SC740 Camaro Package is $16,995, after you’ve already bought your $54,995 ZL1 from Chevy.  On January 3, the price goes up to $17,995, so act now.