Some Mad Geniuses Are Turning Corvettes Into Station Wagons

Who wants to go on a milk run?

Pete Callaway via Facebook

Corvette tuner Callaway Cars is known for its burly supercharged Chevys, but now they are looking at something a little more practical: a station wagon!

Pete Callaway via Facebook

Okay, truthfully, the Callaway AeroWagen is a bit of an exaggeration. It is really a more convex bolt-on replacement for the factory rear hatch.

Corvette AeroWagen (red) and standard hatchback (white)

The $14,990 replacement hatch goes right on your existing Corvette, so there is nothing more to buy and no modifications that are needed to gain the extra cargo capacity, which Callaway says it hasn’t measured, but that “is significant.”

Pete Callaway via Facebook

Similarly, the revised rear profile promises to reduce drag, which should increase the Corvette’s top speed. Again, Callaway has not yet quantified any such improvements.

This just means you can buy it because it looks cool.