Conor McGregor Is Trying Out A Whole New Gig: Lamborghini Salesman

YOU trying talking him down in price.
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Noted Irish diplomat Conor McGregor is extending his debate skills into an obvious new area by partnering with the Emerald Isle's exotic car importer to sell high-end cars in Dublin. Launching this venture should help keep his mind off the expected upcoming collision with fellow car collector Floyd Mayweather.

The mixed martial art champ's nickname is "Notorious" in part for his showy, extravagant lifestyle, among other reasons, so associating his personal brand with H.R. Owen makes sense. H.R. Owen is a company that provides luxury car rentals, chauffeur services and driving experiences to wealthy clients, and it also resells the cars it offers.

Apparently McGregor's partnership is aimed at developing the company's sales side to bring more exotic cars from Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce and others into a country whose modest average income has so far provided little market for such vehicles.

But as Dublin as risen to take its place among European capitals, there are plenty of people there with the means to enjoy such cars, so it makes sense to foster their supply.

"We are in the process of building a network here where we will bring multiple high-end luxury motor vehicles on to Irish shores for sale and supply!" McGregor posted on Instagram.

"Our roads will look very different in years to come and it starts NOW!" he enthused. "Check them out and stay tuned! We are only just warming up with this beast," he said of the Lamborghini Huracan Avio he posed with for the accompanying photo.

"Something BIG is coming!"

With the fight with Mayweather expected to happing in the coming months, it is certain something big is coming, so maybe now McGregor will have two big announcements to fill us in on.

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