You Have to See This Real-Life Car Vending Machine to Believe It

Drop your token in the slot and your new car comes out.

People who hate negotiating with car dealers can now just order a car online and, if it is convenient for them to visit Nashville, swing by the world’s first automatic car vending machine to pick up their new ride. No more haggling with sales people, ever.

When shoppers complete a car purchase from, they can choose to pick their car up from the Nashville machine rather than one of its regular locations throughout the southeast. The company says it plans to add machines to its other locations in the near future.

If you live out of town, but like the idea of seeing your new car pop out of a vending machine like an ice-cold Coke, Carvana will subsidize your travel to Nashville by $200. 

“Our new Vending Machine is a state-of-the-art, multi-story structure that delivers our customers’ cars by merely inserting a custom coin,” said Ernie Garcia, founder and CEO of Carvana. “Carvana’s mission is to create a better way to buy a car, and this new Vending Machine will be a one-of-a-kind experience that mirrors just how simple and easy we’ve made it to buy a car online.”

The five-story glass tower in the Nashville machine can store up to 20 cars. When a customer arrives at the machine, they simply pick up their purchase token at the reception desk, and put it in the slot to begin delivery. And because the cars are pre-ordered, you’ll never have to deal with a pesky ‘out of stock’ sign.

Of course, these aren’t factory-new rides: Carvana is a used car store, like CarMax, and the company says it sells cars for an average of $1,681 below their rated value. This vending machine may be a money-saver, but good luck shaking it to get another car to fall out for free.

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Dan Carney