Celebrate Spring With a Stylish Burnout in a Vintage Hotrod

The best of the old, the best of the new.

For the most part, we could do without portmanteaus. (“Brunch” can go choke on some hollandaise.) However, there is one combo-word that’s dear to our high-octane hearts: the resto-mod, or, a vintage car whose restoration included modern (often drivetrain) components. These cars maintain the look and feel of antique autos, but often harbor powerful modern engines, bigger brakes and advanced suspension geometry. Think of a resto-mod as a top-tier, down to the frame restoration combined with a hot-rod modification and the results as, well, our favorite cars on the road. From a deadly elegant Mercedes coupe with a fire-breathing secret to a mid-century American workhorse capable of laying down 50-foot long elevenses, here are our favorite five wolves in old sheep’s clothing.