Check Out This Insane Video of Aston Martin’s Ice Driving School

Seems like a good way to treat your $300,000 supercar, no?

When we were blessed with the chance to spend a few days with an Aston Martin DB9 Volante and a Rapide S, you can bet that we took the opportunity very seriously. For one thing, we chose to drive on, you know, actual dry land. Well, the fancy folks who produce the ultimate British blend of style, power, and luxury seem to think that their cars can handle more extreme conditions. Folks, say, “Hullo, there!” to Aston Martin On Ice.

Last month in Butte, Colorado, the company started hosting a driving school in which participants learned to pilot the house-priced cars on skid pads, slaloms, loops, and a mile-long frozen race course. In other words, these lucky souls got to channel their inner James Bond. “After this hugely successful first year,” explained Julian Jenkins, president of Aston Martin the Americas, “we expect the ‘On Ice’ program to become a mainstay of our customer experience offerings here in North America.” Seems plans are already in the works to bring the program back next year, so check out this video and get ready to get your chill on.