The Chevy Colorado Pickup Gets a Pick-Me-Up

With Chevy’s “GearOn” package, the top-end of the small truck market just got a little more exciting.

Do you remember the Chevy S-10? From 1984-2002, the S-10 was a legitimately small (108-inch wheelbase) pickup for people that needed the utility of bed without the bulkiness of a barge. Thirteen years later, Chevrolet again has taken a breather from the size wars (half-ton! One-ton! Ten-ton! The moon!) and produced the Colorado, a stellar small pickup for guys who know maneuverability always wins out over size.

Following up on a year of critical acclaim, Chevy has introduced a new trim at this week’s Chicago Auto Show. Called “GearOn,” this Colorado is for the streets. Available on upper end trucks, the package is named for its many mounting accessories for anything from skis to kayaks, plus new tie-down in the bed. Visually, the Colorado GearOn gets sleek gloss-black alloys, a body-color grill and black “bowtie” emblems. It’s everything we love about the Colorado—handsome looks, manageable footprint, great economy—plus a little more cargo-carrying functionality and some great new kicks. If you don’t want to go big, there are better options than going home.