China Just Crashed Its First LaFerrari

One Ferrari owner just created the world’s only 3-wheeled Ferrari LaFerrari.

In an exuberant display of wealth and poor throttle control, a Chinese Ferrari owner has pretty much totaled his new, bright red Ferrari LaFerrari. To the unacquainted, the LaFerrari—despite its horribly tacky name—is the ultimate Ferrari on sale today, with a V12-hybrid drivetrain making 950-horsepower and an MSRP (if you can find one for sale) of around $1.5 million dollars. When equipped with a left rear wheel and a front fascia—which this car must sadly now go without—the LaFerrari will hit sixty in 2.5 seconds, and will decelerate almost as fast, especially with the aid of 50-ton cement highway barrier. No human injuries were reported. 

[picture via Twitter]

Photos by Twitter