Classified Moto’s Stripped-Down Suzuki Is A Beautiful Beast

This naked custom bike is even hotter undressed.

Suzuki‘s GSX-R 1000 has earned a formidable performance legend on tracks worldwide, but the custom bike gurus at Richmond, Virginia‘s Classified Moto saw through the race-replica’s aerodynamic plastic bodywork and revealed the industrial beauty of the machinery beneath with the Five-O custom.

Owner Ron Belfort, who live in Oahu, Hawaii, requested that Classified Moto apply an “urban assault” theme similar to the shop’s earlier Doomsdaytona project. 

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The customizers shuddered to contemplate what hideous hardware lurked beneath the sleek flanks of his 2013 GSX-R 1000, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the bike possessed a fundamentally sound silhouette.

Classified Moto’s contribution was sweating details like the one-off hand-made exhaust system, rear subframe and various brackets that replaced the ugly factory components that were never expected to see daylight. And check out the amazing waxed canvas and leather saddle. Nothing like that ever left Suzuki’s Hamamatsu factory!

The re-done Gixxer has a more traditionally upright riding position in place of the bike’s original jockey’s crouch, but it is still possible to tuck in against the tank when approaching the bike’s significant top speed.

“We were sad to put it on the boat, but we’re stoked Ron will have it down in paradise,” noted the Virginians of Five-O’s new home. This isn’t a model you can order from Classified Moto because it was a custom project, but you can always request something similar.