This 230-Foot Superyacht Is Styled Like a Jumbo Jet

Dream boat alert.


Italian luxury yacht firm Codecasa has a new flagship in the works for 2020 that brilliantly borrows stylistic cues from the world of aviation. 

The 230-foot Codecasa Jet 2020’s bow features a solid, rounded noise that recalls the cockpit of a jumbo jetliner. A fuselage-shaped hull dotted with windows is also similar to the exterior of today’s passenger planes. Below the bow is the owner’s suite, four guest cabins and crew quarters, all accessible via an elevator, New Atlas reports. The pilot house, located on the bridge deck, is served by a separate elevator that links to the captains cabin.


Moving rearward, there’s a massive sun deck measuring about 65 feet long and 32 feet wide that features lounge and dining furniture, along with a 20-foot-long recessed pool located smack dab in the center and a covered gymnasium. 

The stern, marked by an aircraft tail-like structure, is topped with a helipad for medium-to-large helicopters. The same structure houses a glass-enclosed “Skylounge,” below which there’s a beach club that sits at sea level.


Unlike other design firms with over-the-top superyacht concepts, Codecasa is a well-established company that’s been in operation since 1825 and has delivered luxe watercraft to billionaire clients like Giorgio Armani and Xerox founder Darwin Deason. So when Codecasa says that construction of the Jet 2020 is set to begin by the middle of this year, there’s no reason for doubt.