The Corvette Z06 C7.R Edition Is Ready to Race Just About Anything

The Z06 already goes like a racecar, so Chevy decided it should look like one, too.

Before we go any farther, a note: we often fault cosmetics-only option packages for sports cars for being all show and no go. But the case of the 650-horsepower Corvette Z06 is special: this is a car so fast, agile, and dynamic, it needs no performance additions. As such, we’re totally behind the new C7.R Edition, which adorns the raucous Z06 with bits from Chevrolet’s incredibly winning C7.R racecar for the ultimate homage.

All of the 500 Z06 C7.R Editions Chevrolet is producing come standard with the higher-performance Z07 package (carbon-ceramic brakes, adjustable aerodynamics, and gumball-sticky Michelin Pilot Super Sports) and the luxurious 3LZ pack (full-leather and alcantara interior and a data recorder for your fastest laps), for the ultimate Z06 experience. Then, Corvette offers the option of black or Racing Yellow (for God’s sake, get Racing Yellow), blacked out grills, yellow-banded wheels, and a sweet, carbon-fiber hood cover. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but figure the low six figures, which seems high until you realize that, until you can convince Pratt and Miller to convert a real C7.R to street use, this is the ultimate Corvette. 

Photos by GM