One Lucky Guy Gets to Ride Around in a Custom Arkham Knight Batmobile Go-Kart

Instantly transforming him from fanboy to Batman.

Sometimes, “contests” from brands consistent of winning coupons with stipulations so absurd you’ll literally never use them. Other times, they get it right, and deliver in a big, big way. Such was the case with PlayStation’s Super Gamer Builds.

To enter this particular contest, they encouraged their Arkham Knight fans to tweet a photo of their bundle. (No, not that bundle; the gaming kind.) One lucky fan won it, and became the instant envy of pretty much every other Batman fan—and driver, for that matter. It took seven weeks to transform a dunebuggy into a one-of-a-kind vehicle worthy of Bruce Wayne’s heroic alter ego. 

This 7-minute video details the creation of this sweet (yet not so street-legal) ride:

From fiberglass after burner to custom paint job, no detail was left unattended. Godspeed, kid.

Photos by PlayStation