This Custom BMW Motorcycle Is An Awesome ’80s Reboot

BMW’s 1985 K100 just got way more killer.

Impuls K101_gatermann 1_WLK5688 photo philipp wulk.jpg

“Lithe” was not one of the attributes commonly associated with the design of BMW’s motorcycles in the 1980s. Too often, they resembled bulky two-wheeled representations of the mechanistic techno music scene of the day.

Photo: Philipp Wulk,

But Munich custom bike shop Impuls founders Philipp Wulk and Matthias Pittner saw something else there in this 1985 BMW K100: the potential for a clean, elemental machine that retained the period design aesthetic. They dubbed the result the K101.

Photo: Philipp Wulk,

It looks as if they modified the ’85 Beemer, but in fact they tasked designer Fabian Gatermann with creating an all-new design using computer 3D modeling software, then grafted on the bike’s original running gear.

Photo: Philipp Wulk,

For a K100, that means a 987cc water-cooled inline four cylinder that is laid on its side and aligned longitudinally along the bike’s central axis, in contrast to the conventional practice of locating an upright four-cylinder cross-ways behind the front wheel.

Photo: Philipp Wulk,

When the engine left BMW’s factory it made 90 horsepower, and it drives the rear wheel with a shaft from the five-speed transmission, so there’s no oily chain to dirty Impuls’s amazing art. 

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