This Custom Land Rover Defender Is An All-Terrain Terror

From swamps to snow, it can roll through just about anything.



31MM Adventure Vehicles is the brainchild of Jay Hayden, who has turned a childhood obsession with Land Rover Defenders into a business building custom versions that go beyond the original. 


His new 31MM AV One is an extremely capable offroad beast capable of crushing any weather, based on a 2007 Defender TD5. 


It features an amped-up 2.5L Turbo Diesel 5 cylinder engine kicking out 220 hp and a turbo boost mode to get you out of really tight spots in a jiffy.

It also comes equipped with a  powder-coated snorkel for wading through water traps plus another $30,000 in modifications from rally lights to safari bars.


The  AV One is not for sale, but Hayden plans to transform eight more late model Defenders which will be offered to a select clientele. Better get in line now. 

H/T: HiConsumption