Get To Know The Killer Custom Bikes of GT Moto

Sofi Tsingos turns ordinary into amazing at her Dallas bike shop.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 5.00.27 AM.png

Custom Kawasaki KZ440 Photo: GT Moto via Instagram

Sofi Tsingos was introduced to bike-building by her dad, so when he got sick with cancer, she was inspired to use her profession to raise money for cancer research. Today, Tsingos continues to transform ordinary old Japanese commuter motorbikes into extraordinarily cool customs from her Dallas-area shop, GT Moto. Just watch the video here:

Aside from being a feel-good story, GT Moto also makes some pretty badass bikes, like this custom Honda CB450.

Photo: Instagram

GT Moto exhibited at the recent Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin, so look for Tsingos to continue to grow in credibility and presence in the custom bike scene. Better get in line now if you want to buy one of her gorgeous custom creations.

Sofi Tsingos Photo: GT Moto via Instagram

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