This ‘Black Mamba’ Land Rover Defender Is A 6-Wheeled Mega-Truck Monster

It’s named after the world’s most lethal snake for a reason.

Classic Overland

If you’re going to name a car after one of the world’s most dangerous snakes, it’d better be a beast. This six-wheeled “Black Mamba” Land Rover Defender from Classic Overland certainly fits the bill.  

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Classic Overland

Fortunately for the Macon, Georgia-based customizers, they didn’t have to alter the chassis to accommodate a third axle. As Robb Report notes, Land Rover originally made 6×6 Defender 110’s for the Australian Army during the 1980s and briefly sold them to civilians and other militaries. 

Classic Overland

They’re scarce, but Custom Overland found this particular vehicle with just 19,000 miles in South Africa, where it was being used as an all-terrain fire truck. Its six wheels served it well there, as they offer more grip, increased load capacity, and better weight distribution in comparison to 4×4 platforms.

Though plenty rugged from the get-go, the team installed a GM LS3 6.2-liter V8 with 430 horsepower—the same engine used in C6-gen Chevrolet Corvette—bolstered the suspension, equipped new wheels wrapped in off-road tires, and added a roll cage and snorkel exhaust. 

Classic Overland

To match its name, the body and interior were also murdered-out from top to bottom with black paint and leather. 

Classic Overland is selling the Black Mamba build for $315,000. If that’s a little steep, feel free to check out some of their other eye-popping custom projects below: