This Dakar Rally Crash Video is Terrifying

If you must watch one spectacular video of a wreck from the Dakar Rally—end-over-end at 110 mph—this is probably the one to go with.

This is the seventh year the Dakar Rally has been held in South America. (Al Qaeda threats against the race forced it to move out of Africa.) But, as this horrific crash video shows, the danger level is still really high. So far this year one motorcyclist, Michal Hernik, has been killed, the fifth fatality since the race moved to Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. But the two drivers and navigator basically walked away from this wreck after Canadian driver Matt Campbell drove the race truck into a 5-foot deep washout at speeds approaching 110 miles per hour.

The guy shooting the video was already rolling on a previous truck that had rolled onto the side of the racetrack when Campbell wrecked in the background. That no spectators or racers were killed is nothing short of dumb luck.