Batman’s Amazing Bat Pod Cycle Is For Sale

Are you up for the challenge of piloting the Dark Knight’s fat-tired monster?

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan and production designer Nathan Crowley wanted something totally unique for Batman‘s two-wheeled ride in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight rises, and they got it with the fat-tired Bat Pod. Now it can be yours, with an expected auction price of between $80,000 and $110,000.

Batman special effects supervisor Chris Corbould created six of these Pods for filming the movies, and this one saw use in both Dark Knight productions, so it is showing a little patina in the form of wear on the body panels, a little corrosion on the frame and damage to the left gun mount. But the Pod’s overall condition remains very good, according to auction house Prop Store.

The Pod’s most obvious feature is the use of enormous 31-inch Hoosier racing tires. Those, combined with the prone riding position and gargantuan 149.5-inch length, surely make the Pod a challenge to ride. If you’d rather just show it off, the Pod comes with a steel display stand.

The bike’s unique styling sees the exhaust pipes routed within the framework, while the 750 cc Honda motorcycle engine is wrapped inside the fiberglass bodywork.

The cannon barrels are made of plastic and their laser sight is mounted atop the right-side handgrip.

The motorcycle industry might not rush to duplicate this unorthodox style, but Crowley was nominated for an Oscar for his work on The Dark Knight. Don’t miss the chance to channel your inner Caped Crusader and show off your very own Bat Pod.