Death Machines of London Just Unleashed A Killer Custom Motorcycle

This vintage Moto Guzzi is absolutely stunning.

James Hilton’s dad used to warn him, “Motorcycles are death machines, son.” Hence the name of the British bike builder’s new custom shop, Death Machines of London. For their first project they’ve unveiled this killer Moto Guzzi Le Mans, a vintage-style Italian racer.

The classic bike underwent a complete nuts-n-bolts teardown wherein every part of the engine, gearbox and frame was vapor blasted. Meanwhile the power was boosted 950cc, complete with a polished, lightened and balanced crankshaft, gas flowed heads and all new valves.

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Add to that 40mm Dell’Orto carbs with accelerator pumps, a lightweight R.A.M. clutch and flywheel, custom exhaust system, and a set of Pirelli Sport Demons fitted to the original, refurbished wheels. Body-wise DMOL fabricated a new fuel tank and fairing.

Finally a bespoke dash was installed with – get this – vintage aviation warning lights and main switch from a 1940 British Spitfire fighter plane as well as a custom-made LED taillight encased in the glass from a classic Land Rover Defender. 

Now that’s our kind of Frankenstein.

H/T: Bike EXIF