This Stripped-Down Ducati Scrambler Is Design Perfection

Sex on wheels.
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Feast your eyes on this.

England's deBolex Engineering saw in the Ducati Scrambler the hidden road racing bike beneath the off-road-inspired Italian V-twin.


Bringing that road racer to the surface required the application of the team's superlative skills in metal work and paint, as they hand-formed the aluminum sheetmetal to form the sleek fairing and the slab-sided gas tank.


They also sprayed the crimson Rosso Corsa paint in house, as well as upholstering the Alcantara seat themselves.


The gorgeous stainless steel exhaust system is custom-made for the 803, though the 803cc V-twin engine itself remains stock.


The bike's suspension, however, does not, as deBolex installed an Andreani cartridge in the fork and replaced the rear shock with one from Maxton. The spoked wheels retain the original Scrambler hubs, but now use 17-inch rims to mount Metzler RaceTec RR tires.


DeBolex obviously ditched the Scrambler's wide, flat handlebar, in favor of racing-style clip-on bars from Renthal, with Accossato switch gear, throttle and master cylinder.


The instrument panel is stock, rather than one from a custom bike go-to supplier like MotoGadget, because “it looks great—it’s simple, clean and does the job it’s there to do,” deBolex co-founder Calum Pryce-Tidd told Bike Exif.


That kind of straightforward thinking is the sort that produces a stunningly simple and clean-looking masterpiece as the deBolex 803, so we look forward to the shop's next project.