The 'Desert Storm' Trophy Truck Is Made to Dominate Any Terrain

This murdered-out 4x4 is ready for war.
Desert Storm Trophy Truck  (4)

If you're going to name a vehicle after a wartime operation, it'd better be tough as hell. 

EPTA Design's "Desert Storm" Trophy Truck fits the bill. The London-based firm's off-road concept looks like a cross between the Batmobile and a post-apocalyptic machine from Mad Max. 

A blacked-out body that's slightly reminiscent of a vintage Mustang sits high on four aggressively-styled metal wheels surrounded by knobby tires. 

Desert Storm Trophy Truck  (3)

Roof-mounted flood lights suggest that this thing could go for miles in total darkness. The cockpit is heavily protected with metal screens on the windows and what appears to be a hefty roll cage. 

Desert Storm Trophy Truck  (1)

We don't know what materials EPTA would use to build the 4x4's shell—Hi Consumption says carbon fiber. Same goes for the Desert Storm's powertrain, but given its purpose, we'd at least expect a turbo-charged V8, automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive. 

Desert Storm Trophy Truck  (2)

Fingers crossed that EPTA can bring their badass creation to fruition.