Ducati's Demonically Cool New Superbike Is Hell On Wheels

They're only building 666 of these badass bikes.
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Ducati Diavel Diesel 01.jpg

Ducati partnered with Diesel jeans to design a limited production edition of the Diavel power cruiser that the companies say was "inspired by a hyperkinetic dynamism of a post­apocalyptic, retro­futuristic world."

They showed off the badass ride at Milan Men's Fashion Week, where attendees could soak up details like the hand-brushed stainless steel frame structure and visible welds and rivets.

Ducati Diavel Diesel 14.jpg

The saddle is made of real leather rather than the more typical weather-resistant vinyl.

Ducati Diavel Diesel 08.jpg

The amazing exhaust system is coated in black Zircotec ceramic and the muffler ends are machined from solid aluminum.

Ducati Diavel Diesel 12.jpg

“The collaboration with Diesel enabled us to explore original stylistic and technical aspects whilst staying within the Ducati brand and fully respecting its values,” said Ducati Motor Holding CEO Claudio Domenicali.

“In this case we worked with Diesel on an already uniquely original bike like the Diavel and the result was surprising to put it mildly. The details characterizing the Diavel Diesel cannot fail to captivate connoisseurs of special bikes but also people from different walks of life, such as fashion.”

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If you are captivated, place your order now, because Ducati is only building 666 of the Diavel Diesel.

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