DJ Charlotte de Witte Charges Up Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire Del Mar S2 Electric Motorcycle

The “Overdrive” artist is the face of Harley’s latest performance-oriented LiveWire motorcycle.


Techno sensation Charlotte de Witte is putting the LiveWire Del Mar S2 electric motorcycle into “Overdrive.”


The Belgian DJ, who recently made headlines as the first female artist to close out Detroit’s Movement in the megafestival’s 23-year-history, is partnering with Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire sub-brand to promote the motorcycle marque’s second all-electric bike.


“A love for all things speed, grit and beauty, de Witte’s signature sound is an embodiment of those principles, as is her lifestyle. Her musical talent as a techno artist is inspired by her love of streetwear, urban art and, of course, motorcycles,” a joint statement from de Witte’s camp and LiveWire reads.

Indeed, de Witte has a love affair with all manner of fast vehicles, two- and four-wheeled. She’s streamed sets livefrom Formula One racetracks, posed in full riding gear atop bikes for social media pics, and even promoted her recent single “High Street” with a close-up of her face in a white motorcycle helmet—all before her LiveWire collaboration came to fruition.

“When she learned of LiveWire… she knew she had to ride one,” the statement continues. “But being Charlotte, as soon as she got the opportunity to ride the S2 Del Mar, she was immediately enamored with the brand as it so closely resembled the very ethos in which she lived.”

While the LiveWire One serves as the flagship combustion-less Harley, the LiveWire S2 Del Mar is aimed at younger commuters. With 184 pound-feet of torque developed in a feathery (for an electric motorcycle) 431-pound package, it’ll hit 60 mph in three seconds flat—just as quickly as the LiveWire One will.


Maximum city range takes a cut down from 146 to 110 miles, but on an Level 2 EV charger, it’ll recharge from 20 to 80 percent capacity in just over an hour.

And then are its looks, which are certainly less boisterous than those of Harley’s famously loud, V-twin-powered cruisers. In that way, its sleek lines are befitting of a moto that emits only a quiet whir as it whizzes down the road.


Priced from $15,499, the LiveWire S2 Del Mar is available to pre-order for $100 here.