The Dodge Challenger Just Got The Best Nose Job Ever

Meanwhile, you’re just trembling with fear.

In 1970, Dodge offered a “shaker” cold air-intake on its Hemi-equipped Dodge Challenger. The option left owners with a hole in the middle of their hood through which sprung a quivering, twin-nostrilled scoop that shook with the engine’s movement.

Yesterday, at the Chicago Show, Dodge announced the legendary trembling air intake would be available on all of its naturally-aspirated Hemi-powered Challenger coupes, from the standard R/T with its 372 horsepower 5.7-liter to the wild 392 with a huge 6.4-liter V8. While this nostalgia-driven option is beloved for its looks, it’s totally functional: the raised profile of the scoop forces more cold air into the engine, boosting power (however slightly). We love the Challenger’s retro-bruiser looks, so this quality bit of drivetrain nostalgia is only sweetening an already delicious muscle-car pot. We say: buy it and use that little extra bit of cold air to burn even greater amounts of the expensive Pirellis.