Drive the New Range Rover Sport…On Your Computer!

Take a spin in the new Range Rover from your desk. Just don’t spill your coffee.

The latest version of the Range Rover Sport—which is all-new for 2014—is one sweet hunk of metal. It’s got a tough-but-sophisticated new look, every conceivable luxury inside, and, most importantly, an optional supercharged V8 that churns out 340 horsepower. The price is pretty steep (it’ll be tough to walk out of the showroom dropping under $70K), but, thankfully, you can get a feel for it for free. “Race the Sun” is an interactive digital experience that combines a short film with a series of “games” you play from behind the wheel of the SUV. Follow the instructions, and you can sync your smartphone to use as a controller (which is a much better use for it than drunk texting your ex). Here’s a video of film, but be sure to hit “Race the Sun” so you can get behind the “wheel” yourself.