Tourist Racks Up $46,000 In Speeding Fines In 3 Hours In Rental Lamborghini



An exotic car rental company in Dubai is on the hook for an irresponsible customer’s $46,000 in fines accrued just three hours into what was to have been a two-day rental of the company’s $200,000 Lamborghini Huracan coupe.


The law in the Emirate makes the car’s owner responsible for speeding fines from photo radar cameras, which snapped the rental customer driving nearly 150 mph in the middle of the night on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.


Owner Faris Mohammed Iqbal, a partner in Saeed Ali Rent A Car, told Arabian Business he still has the tourist’s passport, held as a deposit on the rental, until he pays the fines.

“I won’t give him the passport back until he pays the fines,” said Iqbal. “It’s his responsibility. I’m going to take legal action and file a case against him. It’s not my fault, but now I can’t rent my car, and he won’t pay the fines.”

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The rental company is at risk of having the Huracan impounded by police if it takes possession of the car before the fines are paid, so the Lamborghini is still at the tourist’s hotel.

Saeed Ali Rent A Car’s web site lists a white Huracan coupe in its inventory, along with red and white Ferrari 458 Spiders and a black Audi R8 Spyder.

At least the driver didn’t try to flee the Dubai police force, which is equipped with a fleet of exotic rides and even a hoverbike that could have chased down the Huracan.

h/t: The Drive