This Gorgeous Ducati 749 ‘Arriera’ Superbike Is Inspired By Argentine Cowboys

Saddle up.

Ducati 749 Arriera
Bryant Carmona

Your eyes don’t deceive you: This Ducati superbike has been re-imagined as a work of roadgoing art. 

Argentinian bike builder Sebastion Archaval decked out an ’03 Ducati 749 in rich handcrafted wood, leather and metal as a tribute to the historic gaucho cowboys that are reveled as one of the country’s national symbols to this day. 

Bryant Carmona

“I am from that part of the world and wanted to make something that would capture the spirit and be unique in that way,” Archaval told of his so-called “Arriera.”  

Because the 749 is a crotch rocket at its core, he didn’t feel the need to tweak its robust 750cc V-twin engine. 

Bryant Carmona

“It was a beast to ride already, so I didn’t have to do much to get the bike I wanted in that sense, but still wanted to re-style it. 

Archaval started by crafting an all-new subframe that supports an upright single-seat configuration. 

Bryant Carmona

He also swapped out the 15-year-old brakes with a high-performance Brembo system and installed new Showa forks. The dash got new independent flashers, lights, switches and a Motogadget speedometer. 

An upgraded Supertrapp exhaust—a brand of pipes that’s very common in Archaval’s hometown—completes the build. 

Bryant Carmona

“It was the classic muffler back in my hometown in Argentina. Every single [Honda] XR had one on.”

How much would you pay to own this beautiful bespoke bike?