Celebrate Ducati’s 70th Anniversary With This Glorious Look at Every Bike They’ve Ever Built

It’s the ultimate illustrated guide to the fabled Italian motorcycle brand.

1995 748SP / Motorbooks

In 1946 the Ducati family began, which had been manufacturing radio components in Bologna, got the bright idea to move into motorized bicycles.

70 years later their name has become synonymous with speed, style and beauty, and the company (now owned by Lamborghini) famed for producing the world’s fastest, sexiest motorcycles.


The Complete Book of Ducati Motorcycles, new from Motorbooks, presents every single model to bear the iconic name since 1946, in illustrated encyclopedia form.

It features all of the motorcycles from Ducati’s storied history, including the groundbreaking Desmodromic 750 Super Sport, the the Superbike-dominating 916, and the epic Panigale.

1960 200 Super Sport / Motorbooks

The first Ducatis were more practical machines but by 1965 they’d already earned their place in motorcycling history by producing the fastest 250 cc road bike then available, the famed Mach 1.

And since the beginning its “svelte, hyper-accelerating motorcycles are two-wheeled wonders that are fluent in the language of speed,” notes author Ian Falloon.

750GT powered by a 90-degree L-Twin Motorbooks

 Whether you’re a Ducati owner or just a dreamer, you’re going to want a copy of this beauty.

But just beware that whatever you’re riding now might suddenly seem very tame….

1990 888cc SP2 / Motorbooks
S4R powered by the 996cc Desmoquattro engine / Motorbooks