A Dutch Man Spent 6,000 Hours Building a Miniature Porsche Flat-Six

How many pieces of sculpture can rev to 12,000 RPM?

Most things miniaturized become adorable. A miniature pony? Relentlessly endearing. Mini cheeseburgers? Delicious and delightful.  A 1:3.2 scale Porsche flat-six engine? Well, not quite. Built by a Dutch Porsche driver with an interest in precision modeling, this tiny, angry six-cylinder is fully-functional, with components custom made by the builder. (Porsche sells many, many parts, but no 1/3-size camshafts.) Using original, factory blueprints and some very careful division, this man built his own Porsche engine that fits in a carry-on suitcase. With only 8-horsepower, this is no competition block, but as piece of (incredible sounding) sculpture, it’s a winner.