The Long-Awaited 'Roadyacht' Supercar May Finally Be Hitting the Streets

This crazy-looking Dutch beauty just got an awesome electric upgrade.
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Would-be Dutch supercar builder Savage Rivale never quite got its unorthodox Roadyacht GTS into production, despite its convertible top and eye-catching quartet of flip-up dihedral doors like those of McLaren's sports cars.

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But Sept. 29 at the Paris Motor Show, Japanese electric car builder Green Lord Motors will announce that it will take this extreme design to production, substituting its own electric drive system for the Corvette small block V8-based drivetrain originally envisioned by Savage Rivale.

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The Dutch company apparently learned the hard way that it is expensive to develop a new car for production and that supercar buyers are only prepared to lay out huge wads of cash for prestigious products with impressive pedigrees. 

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"Owing to high burn rates and lack of both heritage and, notably, an innovative powertrain, we have thus far not been able to establish our place in the already saturated supercar market," Savage Rivale conceded in the press release announcing the deal with GLM.

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Now we will find out whether there is interest in a GLM Roadyacht GTS with an electric drivetrain, so stay tuned.