Let This Beastly Backcountry Camper From EarthRoamer Take You To Hell and Back in Pure Comfort

It all starts with a hopped-up Ford F-550 diesel 4x4.
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Some of the best products are created when someone can't buy something they need and build it themselves, only to find other people want that same thing. 

So it was with EarthRoamer founder and CEO Bill Swails, who was a wildlife photographer in need of a suitable backcountry camping vehicle when he decided the best solution was to build his own go-anywhere camper.

Today, you can enjoy the fruits of his extensive personal testing and development of some of the world's most capable off-road campers, with the Ford F-550 Super Duty 4x4-based XV-LTS.

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This $438,000 beast is four-season, all-weather capable, with massive 90-gallon fuel and water tanks to support life aboard the EarthRoamer as it travels its 900-mile driving range.

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There's no noisy generator powering electric devices when you are parked because the EarthRoamer uses a combination of 12,000 watt-hours of batteries and a 1200-watt solar panel for electricity.

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An air suspension system not only provides a cushy ride when traversing rugged terrain, it also levels the EarthRoamer when it is parked so you don't roll out of bed.

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Inside, large windows keep the interior bright and open. Their dual pane, German-engineered acrylic windows are extremely well insulated and feature integrated shades and bug screens, so when you're exploring the land of the midnight sun simply close the shades and darken the interior for some shut-eye.

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If the great outdoors is insufficiently entertaining, or if it is just nasty outside and you don't feel like dealing with it, stay in and enjoy HD satellite channels on a 32 inch LED HDTV with Bose 5.1 surround sound.

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But you didn't drop a half-million dollars on an EarthRoamer to stay indoors, so hit the trails with an XV-LTS and be sure to post lots of photos.

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