The Tesla of Speedboats Is Coming Soon

Get ready for this slick, eco-friendly silver bullet.



Behold: the Edorado 7S electric speedboat, an electric hydrofoil-style craft that can hit up to 40 knots without burning a drop of fuel.

Dutch, Swedish, American, Chinese and German designers and engineers labored for two years to create the sleek electric watercraft.


As the 7S accelerates, the foils on the underside of its body unfurl, lifting the hull out of the water to increase both the velocity and the range beyond that of a conventional speedboat.

“The hydrofoil design minimizes the required power-up to 40 knots,” designer Tom Speer told Dezeen. “It is stable in pitch, heave and roll, so the boat’s safety doesn’t depend on an active control system, which would be complex, redundant and expensive.”


Various high tech systems control the craft’s functions, while the sleek silver exterior is offset by banana-yellow leather seats and gray finishings.


Edorado is now taking preorders for the silver bullet, so step right up….

H/T: InsideHook