Edward Norton Embraces The Classic Cool Of Triumph’s Thruxton R Motorcycle

The actor knows a hot bike when he sees one.


Actor Edward Norton recently crowed on Twitter about his excitement at sitting astride his new Triumph Thruxton R motorcycle. Norton calls the bike an “absolute dream,” which is no surprise, considering Triumph’s unparalleled combination of classic English cafe style with the latest hardware.

Photo: Triumph Motorcycles

Fortunately for his fans, it looks like Norton chose a full helmet with a big bubble face shield. This might make it easier to spot the Fight Club actor on his new ride speeding through Tinseltown. Forget hopping on the back with him, though — the Thruxton R is a single-seater.

The rest of us may not be able to score Oscar invitations, but we can ride Norton’s Triumph, or one just like it. The $14,500 Thruxton R is a 97-horsepower 1,200 cc parallel twin-cylinder machine with classic Triumph style backed by modern Brembo mono bloc brake calipers, Showa big piston forks, Ohlins shocks and Pirelli tires. So you’ll love the ride, even if you can’t convince onlookers that you are Edward Norton.

Photo: Triumph Motorcycles

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