Get Charged Up With This Electric Chinese Supercar

Now even supercars are made in China.

The intrepid investigators at Britain’s Autocar magazine unearthed photos and early details about the Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation’s (BAIC) electric-power missile launching at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show on April 25.

Performance is reported to be aircraft carrier catapult launch-grade acceleration, with the electric supercar hitting 62 mph in less than 3.0 seconds. Electric vehicles always have strong acceleration due to the massive torque available from electric motors at take-off, but this speedster is also expected to reach 163 mph, which is credible for an EV, even as SUVs like the Bentley Bentayga are now reaching 187 mph.

Autocar reports that the car is the same length as the Ferrari 488 GTB, but it is wider and slightly taller. The BAIC car will feature adjustable suspension system that enables three ride heights for entering garages, regular cruising and for high-speed driving.

Critically, for an EV, the Chinese car has a predicted driving range of 186 miles. No word yet on the car’s planned production date.

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