The World's Most Futuristic Motorhome Is an Eye-Popping Party Palace With a Pop-Up Rooftop Deck

Holy crap.

The future may have come up short on the flying cars front, but it has definitely arrived at Marchi Mobile, an Austrian motorhome builder that has introduced a family of outrageously luxurious sleek while transportation pods featuring power-opening doors, stairs and a unbelievable pop-up rooftop party deck.


The eleMMent Palazzo Superior is $3 million, 45-foot palace propelled by 600 of Volvo's finest turbodiesel horses. It contains 732 square feet of living space, which is likely as big as your apartment.

Yep, that sleek white bodywork is carbon fiber. It has aircraft-inspired digital instrumentation and a helicopter-derived windscreen with two-stage darkening for sun protection.


Two inch-thick walls are heavily insulated, permitting operation in areas with extreme temperatures.


The Palazzo Superior's interior looks nothing like a conventional motorhome, with multi-zone climate control, a spa, a 12-foot couch and a bed whose mattress comes from the supplier to the British royal family.


The almost literal cherry on top is the rooftop Sky Lounge, which pops up at the touch of a button when the Palazzo Superior is parked to create a walled-in roof deck. There's an exterior stairwell leading up to the spacious deck, which features integrated lounge furniture and radiant floor heating.


Time was when castles of the fabulously wealthy were destinations, but now it seems that owners can take their castles on the road with them to visit anywhere they want to go.